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Top 10 Workers Compensation and Disability Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Over the last decade, the surge in technological deployments within firms has enhanced the sophistication and flexibility of worker’s compensation arena. And to help them incorporate the comprehensive capabilities of leading edge technologies such as AI and IoT, companies are partnering with consulting firms to help them better manage employees and claims and ensure better compensation and medical outcomes. At the heart of all the worker compensation success is the utilization of AI and ML for the establishment of predictive analysis models that drive savings and greatly enhance workers’ compensation and claims processing practices. Also on the forefront of this tech-driven disruption is the increased adoption of mobile-first applications that can help insurers report claims and manage other tasks on-the-go.

Looking to the future, the workers compensation and disability realm are poised to become extensively safer thanks to the increase in automation. At the same time, real-time sensors and other leading-edge IoT applications will make the automatic personalization of worker claiming and compensation possible.

That said, today, there are numerous companies vying to offer exemplary services to enhance workers’ compensation system. This makes it extremely challenging for the CIOs to look for service providers that would help them with consulting, implementation, and support. With the objective of helping organizations zero in on the best service provider, a distinguished panel and Manage HR magazine’s editorial board has reviewed numerous companies and selected the outstanding ones.

In this edition of Manage HR, we present to you “Top 10 Workers Compensation and Disability Consulting/Service Companies – 2020.”

    Top Workers Compensation and Disability Consulting/Service Companies

  • NSM Insurance Group is the nation’s leading specialty insurance provider, exclusively focused on building successful insurance programs. For more than 30 years, NSM has been committed to delivering industry-specific insurance programs that help agents meet the unique needs of their customers and fuel market growth through innovative development, underwriting, distribution and claims management. The company has built more than $1 billion in premium across 20 specialty insurance programs and brands in the US and UK focused on collector cars; pets; social services and behavioral health; addiction treatment; coastal condominiums; transportation and towing; sports and fitness; professional liability for contractors, architects and engineers; habitational and E&S; staffing; and workers’ compensation

  • The company provides a hands-on approach to resolving challenging worker's compensation and long-term disability cases. Catalyst RTW is founded on the premise of serving customers that are grappling with escalating workers' compensation and long-term disability costs, and in turn, offering genuine second chances to injured and disabled beneficiaries. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Catalyst RTW is able to work anywhere in the nation through a high-tech and hands-on approach to resolving challenging workers’ compensation and long term disability cases

  • Tandem HR is a professional employer organization (PEO) excelling in a variety of HR solutions customized based on client needs to boost their productivity and bottom line

  • Triad Group offers a full-service and holistic workers’ compensation risk management program that focuses on cost containment and risk control. Triad consolidates the program and administrative needs into one integrated solution. In addition to providing efficiency and ease through a single provider, the company’s coordinated approach produces more value

  • Conexia


    Conexia helps make the healthcare industry more efficient by implementing IT solutions that reduce paperwork, digitize medical records and improve workflows. Its solution removes uncertainty faced by payers, providers and patients and offers significant cost savings. The company work with government, private and third-party administrators of health and Workers’ Compensation programs to streamline and automate processes by connecting payers and providers with a single electronic platform that enables instant processing of healthcare transactions

  • Kemberton


    Kemberton is a proven leader in tackling motor vehicle, workers’ compensation and other complex claims challenges. In addition, we have been advocating for hospitals and their patients for 25 years to improve claims reimbursement. Kemberton is a leading provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle management services to hospitals for complex claims

  • NCAComp


    NCAComp, Inc. is a Third Party Claims Administrator for New York State workers’ compensation and disability claims. Since 1991, we have advanced and continuously evolved to serve different types of clients around the New York State area and across the United States. Moreover, our service offerings have increasingly diversified in order to provide our clients with the tools to manage every aspect of their workers’ compensation program. Offer clients better control of their workers’ compensation programs by utilizing technologically advanced strategies and team-based, flexible problem-solving initiatives to achieve superior outcomes for clients

  • Nexus


    NEXUS is the industry’s leading national independent clinical review and utilization management organization which focus building long term, value-added relationships with our clients by providing access to quality, outcome-focused clinical expertise and innovative solutions. For mitigating unrelated medical exposure, improving claims processing efficiency, and ensuring claimants receive excellent care on the way back to health, more companies are turning to NEXUS for help

  • The Matrix Companies

    The Matrix Companies

    The Matrix Companies is a risk management company specializing in workers'​ compensation claims administration, national return-to-work services, unemployment cost control, investigations, and safety services. The company provide innovative, proactive solutions that control and reduce clients'​ costs. The organization intimate model of service provides the highest level of sophistication for a full holistic approach

  • Unique HR Corpus

    Unique HR Corpus

    UniqueHR helps businesses grow 7% to 9% faster, by relieving the administrative burden of human resources, payroll, safety, and risk management. UniqueHR tailors services to meet our customers'​ needs, instead of asking them to change the way they do business. Family-owned for more than 40 years, UniqueHR serves hundreds clients in Texas, California, Oklahoma, and throughout the United States. UniqueHR is a licensed PEO and a member of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC), Certification Institute (CI) and the Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX)

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